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. steve jobs was on stage in san francisco making one of his legendary presentations. the kindle the reader comes up and steve jobs said this will go nowhere. being and characteristically blunt. he said it would go nowhere because americans have stopped reading. it doesn't matter how good or bad the project is. people don't read anymore. 40% of people in the united states read one book or less last year. the whole concept is totally flawed. is it true that people are only read one book this year? we know which book it is. [applause] despite its late arrival on october 28th shortly after steve's tragic death it went immediately to number one on amazon. nearly a month before its release and ever since then it has dominated every bestseller list in many parts of the world. walter isaacson has been at this for a while. he is not only distinguished journalist, former chairman of cnn, managing editor of time, president and ceo of the aspen institute but next year will be the 20th anniversary of his first major biography, that of henry kissinger. today he has added biographies of benjam
gates and honors the widow of apple widow steve yobs and pays a visit to an intelegiant. they are making progress with those who are better. so what is fair about declaring some good and others bad? i am david asbin and go in foc us with the man himself steve forbes . rick unger and bill baldwin and vict toria barrett and rich, first to you. there doesn't seem to be fairness here. one case profits are good and another case they are bad? >> this will show you how far obama sunk when he promised to be the great uniter. he can't make a speech without the boggy man. and private aircraft and i assume he does that, too. >> he subsidized foalos like solyndra. it makes no sense and dividing the country and economically ruinous . causes ceo's of inteleto show obama around his plant. it is really, really taking one or two points off of america's gdp and tragic. >> rick, why is it that some profit good and some are bad? >> you know, rich and i must have listen to different speeches. i never heard the president vilify profits. >> he does it all of the time. >> we'll put up a headline from the washin
could go after that. president obama left out when steve yobs said you will be one-term president if you continue this anti-business kind of tiready and he told the president why is it easier to get in china to put a plant. do something about it. the president did nothing. a lot of democrats want a win fall profits tax. why not on apple? or intele? >> you know, bark obama is on to something good here. surtax on crony capitalism and banks would pay extra because they got a bail out. and the windmill and ethanoyl would have to pay extra. that leveling of the playing field can make since. and maybe the next time a mortgage company hires a cleasey excongresswoman to get credit they should pay a surtax. >> no one should get hand outs. the whole thing is nonsense. exxon mobile had a tax rate and higher than most did in the united states. they don't get more favors than other manufacturing companies. when you go to washington and pick winners and losers. i remember japan was the model we should follow in the late 'cents and '80s because they picked winners and losers. guess what? they have had
, but the one thing that steve wants is all of dylan because he and the early days found every bootleg tape. totally fanatic. it is a sound track of his life. so he boss to do all 772 tracks of dillon as a virtual, a digital set that you can buy for $199. andrew says, no, i need leverage. where does going to allow him. steve calls bob dylan. bob dylan slightly spacey, so he does not quite deal with that, but they're all trying to figure out. steve john stockton into it. he finally says pavel write you a check for $1 million. and he -- a eight to say it, takes the money. he has moved out of sony. he does an eye upon with him wearing the ipod had. it helps them more than it helps the ipod. for the first time in 20 years he appeared with an album of the top of the billboard charts because itunes and ipod had such a cachet that hen just doing that at introduced into a new generation. you look skeptical. >> i'm not skeptical. these are actually a lot of interesting questions. where do i start? the let me just ask you one other question. which is about the final chapter. if reality does not compo
political experts to frame the current debate. i'm very pleased that today we have with us steve schmidt who was senior campaign strategist and adviser to the presidential campaign of john mccain in 2008, a friend of mine and someone who has also advised my very close friend, a governor i worked with, governor schwarzenegger. i'm also extremely pleased that we have with us anita dunn who served as senior communications strategist for president obama in both the campaign and the white house. and we're most fortunate to have as our moderator today mike allen, the chief white house correspondent for politico. mike came to politico from "time" magazine where he was their white house correspondent. prior to that he spent six years at "the washington post" where he covered president bush's first term and capitol hill campaign finance, the bush, gore and bradley campaigns of 2000. when it comes to u.s. politics, these people have been in the thick of things for a long time, and they've got the scars to prove it. as national political media experts, i know they'll lead us in a very meaningful discus
that steve has diagnosed? >> i actually believe that voters at the end of the day have to be the first line of changing this for the very simple reason that right now voters in both parties have been rewarding the most polarizing kind of behavior in their primary processes. i think steve would agree. i think it started with our party back in the democratic wing of the democratic party days. i'm not saying that is a terrible thing. but the reality is that between redistricting and between the primary processes, not just for the presidency, but also for the legislative offices and congress in particular, that the activist wings of both parties, thanks in no small part to the fact that campaign finance rules have changed and that the internet has given people a portal to democracy which is a wonderful thing, but also means that again those people who make the most noise can often get the most support. so the reality is that voters who say they are sick and tired of the partisan gridlock, voters who say that they want solutions, they want people here who will work across the aisle, voters actua
for the economy or bad for the economy? you have to conclude, bad for the economy. >> all right. steve, you answer that. >> well, that's completely false, about the nlrb. and they are not able to-- >> and where are the-- >> they're not able to false management and labor and not able to bring in binding arbitration as the employee free choice act called for. there's zero correlation between strong economy, weak labor. when our economy was the biggest part of the world's economy in the 1950's was when we were at the peak of our unionization. >> 1950. today in germany, which is doing quite well economic dri, there's been workers have 50% of the representation on the board of directors. they call it co-determination and also, finally, in 2009. suppose we passed the employee free choice act. we would have had an increase in wages and that's when it matters, when you have an economic down turn and you don't have the drop off in consumer demands. >> i've got to let toby get in here. >> like on al gore side. and if this was so great. why would indiana have the first order of business to make a right to wo
. >> thank you so much, steve. pretrials for 9/11 mastermind khali shaikh mohammed are expected to start as early as this march and one author is already drawing comparisons between that and the nazi trials in 1945. william shockroth explains that in his new book "just and the enemy, the trial of khali shaikh mohammed." he joins me now. his father, by the way, was the chief british prosecutor in the trials. what do you think are the similarities to that and what we'll see with ksm? >> the biggest similarity is these are evil man put in the dark for unbelievable crimes. nazi war machine was on trial there and the key people who still survive and who are arrested quite properly by the united states are on trial for the crimes of 9/11 and many other crimes, of course, al-qaida continues with the big crimes. >> what do we learn from the trial that instructs what happens with ksm now? >> the biggest difference and this is an important one to stress that if any of the nazis in the dock at nuermberg were hp transported to guantanamo, they would be astonished by the privileges the united stat
capitalist help or hurt workers in america. welcome to forbes on fox and we'll go in focus with steve forbes and denis neal and victoria and bill and rich and rick unger. rich, first you. are they good or bad for captivity in america? >> the capitalist are central to companies that get in trouble. you think about ibm. they went from 400,000 to 200,000 when they almost went bankrupt 20 years ago . a private equity guy gave them tough medicine and now they have 400,000 jobs again. sometimes it is necessary to fix the companies to do that. >> rick, good or bad for america. >> the question in and of itself is raising an issue we haven't confronted before. americans like private free market enterprise and respect it and like the types of things that steve jobs does. he provides a product and service . what we are looking at now is a part of our society and capitalist society that is more destructive even if it is necessary. and i think that what all of this is raising is a question of whether americans do or don't want the symbol of their country to be the type of destructive capitalism where peo
dresses above the knee. i am not a fan of showing my body. firstsaw steve mcqueen's film and the way he shot naked bodies in that film was so anatomical and it was not sexual. i read this part and the first scene that she has in the film, she is completely naked. it felt completely appropriate. she wants to be seen. she wants closeness with her brother and wants to reconnect with him. and she likes to provoke him. i trusted steve it and knew that he was an artist, that i was not being used for any other purpose than to tell the story of the character as best as they could. tavis: put that picture back up of steve mcqueen. some people got lost when they said -- when she said steve mcqueen. unless you think that steve mcqueen has come from the dead, it is not that steve mcqueen. a different steve mcqueen. "drive" was out this year. you took a year off after "wall street." you are making up for it now all of these projects. >> now i am doing "the great gatsby." the others were very short to make and supporting roles. but "the great gatsby" is a major role and i am in sydney filming that. t
is out in front by a single digit. steve forbes will be here in a matter of minutes. who better to unwind what bain capital's mission statement was, what mitt romney did and what is true capitalism and what is cannibalism. >> you know, according to all the polls, it looks like it's going to be a big win for mitt romney. the question is how big and really the battle is over second place so newt gingrich and rick santorum would both like to wind up in second place. we'll talk to them about that. and then from the other side of the political sfekt rum, debbie wasserman schultz is going to be joining us talking about the primary from the democrat point of view. >> allen west will respond to debbie wasserman schultz, of course, they're both from florida and he's a republican, though, so he may have a contrary point of view. laura ingraham will be here at the top of your 8:00 hour and frank luntz will be doing some analysis with voters specifically in new hampshire. who they like in this primary. a major white house shakeup. president obama's chief of stiff william daley on his way out turning
, dipping below freezing in some parts. steve paulson is tracking the colder temperatures. we'll get to him in a minute. first we go to christien kafton in livermore. >> reporter: good morning. livermore, checking in as one of the cooler places in the bay area. my photographer, keith, and i had an informal bet about how cold it was going to get. he thought down to 23. i thought 22. looks like we were both round. temperatures are starting to rebound. 26. that's one degree warmer than when it was. so maybe the temperatures are just starting to warm up. chilly temperatures have prompted the national weather service. despite those temperatures which are now just starting to warm up, that freeze warning is expected to run through 8:00 this morning. it will not be unusual for people coming out to their cars to find frost or ice on their windshield. while that can be a little inconvenience, it's a signal that there could be a more serious problem and that's black ice, especially on the bridges and overpasses. sal castanedo is keeping a close eye on that. and we'll alert you to places if that black
'm dave clark. >> saturday is pretty good too. >> it is. >> i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. >> we do have thick fog out there and a north wind kicking in. it will be a combination of either one for awhile. result is morning fog and then afternoon sunshine. breezy. highs in the 60s. here is sal. >>> good morning. traffic will be busy. fog will be a problem for your morning commute. we are looking at one of our news crews as they drive along here on highway 24. and we can see the traffic is moving along well in this particular portion it's not foggy. the problem is as you drive into some areas pretty soon you will be in thick fog. you may start off it will be clear and then you are going to be you know in fog. so again claudine wong is on fog patrol. she is heading right for it. we told her where to go. golden gate bridge pretty foggy here as you can see. now 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you. homicide investigators in berkeley spent the night at the scene of that city's first fatal shooting of the year and they are still searching for a suspect right now.
bay. it will be fair to the south. temperatures will be in the 50s for many. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. right now we are doing very well. there is road work areas in the bay area. especially on 880. let's go outside and take a look at highway 4. this is a look at the traffic coming up to the grade. no problems. cold morning but light traffic. this is the same for highway 24 westbound driving up to the cold cott. and the morning drive on interstate 880 they are picking up road work. it's 4:30 let's go back to pam. >>> a search is under way for a missing boater in the south bay. he went out yesterday morning in the alviso marie know in san jose. he has not been seen sense. lorraine blanco is at the marie know where search grews are heading out with the tide. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a very big marsh out here in allovers sew -- alviso. any minute when the tide is right search and rescue teams will go in and try to locate the missing hunter. we just caught a private citizen another hunter going in to try to help out. it's a cold morning out here. the m
. temperatures in the 60s low to mid. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade with no major issues. also the morning commute looks good on 680 southbound as you drive to the bottom of the hill and to san jose. and this morning if you're on northbound 280 that is a nice looking drive getting up to highway 17. let's go back to the desk. >>> all right. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning. unearedder to shut down occupy encampments in the nation's capital. the deadline for washington, d.c. protestors leaving just an hour away. we'll get to that story in a moment. but locally here in the bay area we want to check in with allie rasmus who is outside city hall in oakland where protests lead to vandalism over the weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. oakland mayor jean quan said it cost the city about $2 million since october to clean up things like graffiti own vandalism here at frank ogawa plaza. october was when the occupy oakland movement really picked up steam. you can see some
, there ain't nobody that's going to tell steve he can't do his burnout. this is at the super national burnout competition. >> before you go any further -- >> ♪ >> maybe some of our viewers don't know what a burnout is. >> there's a competition. >> go and suck in smoke from burning tires. >> how do you judge that? >> yeah. >> when you do a burnout don't you not go anywhere. >> why are they wearing ten gallon hats. >> how do they score this? by the smoke cloud, by the length of skid marks? ♪ >> steve novak is driving his nucin futz and they're trying to prevent steve from competing in the finals of the burnout. they say during his qualifying, he disobeyed a fire marshall and that's why they won't let him on the track. australian journalist scott taylor shot his video and we have limb right this minute via skype. >> he first backed the car up at a high speed into a guardrail. while he was taking it off the track again he started doing a burnout while the fire officials were still on the track. >> they're actually trying to disable steve's car and he just drives right through them and says,
to be a big seller. i do believe that o'reilly has got just trust me on this, steve. he's got something. >> i'm surprised you weren't reminding people about the president's featured in "the games do count." >> that's true. not this president. >> wow! >> he wasn't president then. wasn't even close. >> he would have been perfect. all right. 26 minutes after the hour. next on the rundown, newt gingrich asked to end the fireworks calling for a truce with mitt romney. will it last? >> a student suspended for skyping a picture of his teacher. is that fair? we report, you decide. >> happy birthday to nick mason, the pink floyd drummer, put another candle on the wall. he's 68. >> i was in preschool with him. [ toilet flushes ] i come in peace... i come in peace. but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. versus the ultra rippled brand. so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. i go in peace. yes, you do my little alien. [ female announcer ] we all go. why no
is steve. >>> thank you. we have mostly clear skies. there are higher clouds. the rain line is all the way up to eureka. it won't be today but it will be a little bit teaser today as we get higher clouds mainly to the north bay. i think south bay will be -- freeze warning out for the santa clara valley. highs in the 50s. here is sal. >>> traffic is moving along very nicely if you are driving on southbound 101. the morning commute looks good on the golden gate bridge. the lane workers are out there changing the configuration of the commute direction lanes there. let's go back to the desk. >>> 5:01. happening right now search crews have just found a boater that has been missing for almost 24 hours in the south bay. the searchers found the man a short time ago in the alviso marina in san jose. lorraine blanco is there right now. what is his condition? what do you know? >> reporter: he's doing rather good considering the situation. after 20 hours of searching, crews out here found the missing hunter in the water. he's alive and of course very cold. now fire crews tell us he was shivering quite
.s.-led sanctions. let's head over to steve. >> thank you very much, gretch. iowa doesn't have the best track record when it comes to picking the republican nominee. only three times has the winner of the iowa caucus went on to win the republican nomination. don't discount iowa. our next guest says the losers in iowa are key. what are we talking about? columnist rich galin joins us live from iowa to explain. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, how are you, steve? >> i'm doing great. i read in one of your columns that iowa is great not at picking winners but at identifying losers. explain that. >> what happens here is let's say tonight, there are six candidates running clearly only one is going to win. three will probably, as we say, get their ticket punched to move on and the other three will have to make some serious decisions. if you go back just four years, when barack obama won here with hillary clinton and john edwards not far behind and edwards actually beat clinton by a couple 10ths of a percentage point, that very night both chris dodd and dick gephardt -- or joe biden, that night d
years, the graph would go up rather than down? >> that's a very interesting question, steve. >> that's what people want to know! >> you know exactly what i think. i think four more years will bankrupt america. that's very harsh. but that's what i think will happen. >> leave it what that headline. >> have a nice day. >> all right. have a great show. >> thank you very much. >> at 9:20 eastern time, fox business network, you can catch mr. varney. thanks. the senate said no to president obama's latest appointment speaking of congress but he did it anyway. and that decision isn't sitting well in the crucial swing state of ohio where he was yesterday, the state's treasurer joins us next. >> then a would be groom dumped on the jumbotron. brian, were you responsible for this? >> yes, i was. because it's sports, i'm responsible? come on, steve. >> it's either a brilliant prank or the most embarrassing engagement proposal ever. we'll report, you decide what happens then. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. ov
. let's go down to steve tasker. steve: i'm standing here with gronkowski and tom brady. people have been criticizing the patriots, you haven't won a playoff game since 2007. what does it feel like to come out and hang 45 points up, three for six touchdowns and 300 yards? >> we had a great day, there was good execution, i think there's things we could have done better but it's good to get a win. they've been hot, they've been playing well, we came in and we started fast. and it was a big win for us. steve: how does this set you up for the rest of the way? i know you've got one goal in mind, the championship, how does this set you up for next week's game? >> it's a one-fame season. it's all about next week. whoever we play, they will have earned it, they'll be a great team and we'll have to play our best. steve: phil simms said he's never seen you throw it better. how does the arm feel? >> feels great. i appreciate that from phil, he's one of my favorites. steve: let me talk to the big guy here. three big touchdowns, a couple of big after catches. >> it is a big game. it's a one-game
are driving downtown let's go to steve. >>> we have a little bit of a dips pattern and as it continue to move north it is continuing to move north and it is a day where we have low clouds and and we started off with low pressure. 40s on the temperatures but a lot of 40s and you can see a line where it is. men seen know, lake county, warmer to the south and from the star sally and over to and beyond still come clouds on the cost slightly cool are there and 45 day forecast, wind will kick in friday night and days will be dry though, pam. >>> 4:39 is the time organizers have cleared a major already the city's planning group challenged it over air pollution and water quality, that race are be held next year. >>> the determination they could make and it still remains high after the ousting of a former leader. >>> trough does look good, we will tell you about the morning commute heat indices all ahead. -- morning commute. it is all ahead.  . >>> well it is a day without electricity, seven days for people in trout lake. some people are using backup generators but schools have been closed since the
area. steve? >> thank you very much, gretch. and they're off again for another week! mitt romney edges out rick santorum in iowa by a nose but now they're heading into the second turn of the primaries, new hampshire. get ready. it's time for this week's political horse race and here with the latest power rankings is the editor of, jason wright. good morning to you. >> happy frippett friday to you, doocy. i don't know what that means. >> it's o'reilly's word of the day. let's go ahead, out to the tlak we go and the top three horses are -- in this order, mr. romney, mr. santorum and ron paul on the white horse! let's start out with mitt romney. >> yeah, i mean, he's clearly in the lead. i don't know how you can argue. otherwise, had a dominating win in iowa with either an eight or a nine vote margin depending on who you believe. really, really good news for him and i want to talk just quickly when we're looking at santorum here in the number two spot for the first time, obviously, the highest the former senator of pennsylvania has been in the ra rankings but i think it
advisor. >> the guy is just lucky he didn't invest everything in gold. >> right. as you mentioned, steve, he's one of the few people in america who still walks around with cash. we have become a cashless society. >> i'm moving more to cash. >> what too you mean? >> i don't know why. i don't know. >> do you stuff it in your mattress? are you becoming somebody who is doubting our monetary system? >> i'm not exactly sure why i'm doing this. it's a phase i'm going through. >> are you giving people more tips? >> yes, it's from living in new york city all these years where you have to have a couple bucks on hand. let's go back to politics, shall we? >> it's 26 minutes before the top of the hour. the president was at the center of the attacks at the sou carol primary tomorrow. mike emanuel is live with the very latest. good morning to you, michael. >> good morning, steve. good morning, guys. these are the critical final hours before south carolina voters head to the polls. there is some jockeying going on before the final four republican candidates trying to distinguish themselves from one
, if banning worked, i got an idea, steve, why don't we just ban crime. that's what we'll do. we'll make it simple. we'll have all these evil people that suddenly have a utopian world. i was going to shoot that guy. apparently it's illegal now. there we go. >> thankfully she will not face charges because she was defending herself. brad stine, always great having you live and i like the new hair do. looks very sharp. >> thank you, my friend. god bless you. >> straight ahead on this monday morning, former clinton aide turned news guy george stephanopoulos relentless at questioning mitt romney. were the questions valid or media buys aat work? tucker carlson reports and you decide. ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer i had[ designer ]eeling enough of just covering up my moderate to severe yes. yes, it does. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enoug
of the commission. commissioner clyde: i would like to nominate steve adams for president next year. or this year. >> do we need a second? >> no, are there any other nominees? president o'brien: seeing non, we go to the nominee's statement. >> we will ask the nominee to make a statement. commissioner adams: i would like to thank commissioner clyde for the nomination. it means quite a bit to me. i am a huge advocate for small business. with the merchant associations in san francisco, i learned a lot in my five years. we will focus more on this commission. with the lot of the legislation that has come through this year, i want to take that into this year and be an advocate for jobs and to see that we don't lose any. i am very passionate about it and i enjoy working with each and every one of you. >> we will take commissioner comments, it will be at your discretion. president o'brien: commissioner dooley? commissioner dooley: i agree with janet clyde that mr. adams will make an excellent president. he has great leadership qualities, one that we can all work with. i heartily endorse him in this posit
of saying they've aged? >> they're out, yeah. >> back to cocoon, the sequel for steve guttenberg. >> no kidding. >> still ahead, we told you that ron paul came within a point of president obama if the election were held today according to a cbs poll. first, he has to win south carolina! can he do it? dick morris here with his prediction. >> plus not what you'd expect to see swimming off the coast of florida. a dog. how he wound up in the middle of the water. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. simple relief is here. introducing robitussin® nasal relief pills. the right relief for nasal a pill. ♪ ne from robitussin®. relief made simple. ♪ tell me what you really mean ♪ do you know wh you want? ♪ while beating up on yesterday ♪ ♪ rolling on, moving on [ female announcer ] the space of a small suv. and more ways to connect to your world. ♪ do you know what you are? the all-new prius v from toyota. ♪ do you know? what's going on? we ordered a gift oine and we really need
that only 6 in 10 see socialism as a bad thing and capitalism is on the way out. >> yeah. it's sad, steve, it's disgusting i think more than anything especially among the occupy wall street goons, in my opinion, there's a real ignorance as to what capitalism is. it's been smeared persistently by occupy wall street, by the left, by even our own schools, even our own president has a system that's amoral, it's racist, in actuality, nothing can be further from the truth but when you hear again even our own president call capitalism a winner take all society, it's no surprise, i suppose, that the popular opinion polls reflect a negative perception of capitalism. >> isn't it also possible this is a byproduct of the recession and lousy -- in a lousy recession, they think capitalism doesn't work so well. >> that's how it's played. the 2008 financial collapse was caused according to the occupy wall street folks by capitalism. again, nothing can be further from the truth. what needs to be taught in schools, unfortunately, is that capitalism is the american philosophy of individual rights where your
a 950 million loan to pay its workers and benefits as they try to reorganize. brian? >> steve, i said thank you but it was in the animation. president obama wants congress to give him the power to streamline the government by merging and consolidating agencies. now, in theory, it sounds like a good idea. but is this just regulation nation in disguise? >> what a joke! what an absolute transparent phony baloney plastic banana good time rock 'n' roller f.m. type of a scam. they're all pro business. they are all pro business! and this is where obama wants to shrink! you can even say those agencies might lean to being pro republican or pro conservative. >> rush limbaugh weighing in. peter sweitzer is a fellow at the hoover institute and author of this book, bestseller "throw them all out." peter, your reaction to the president's consolidation that will save us a whopping $3 billion over 10 years? >> well, you know, a lot of times politicians during an election year perform unnatural acts. something that's inconsistent with their views so it's an election year. i think this is part of pr
is i'm not musically trained. combrechen is musically trained but doesn't really judge singers. steve spent a lot of time in music and knows the obo. what about professional judges? what did they say now that they had a chance to listen to it twice? >> awful. >> i don't know if i would call that singing. it's just not -- baby, this is not your vibe! >> it's awful! >> uh hooi official! >> wait a minute, two hours ago -- >> they were going yea! so fair and balanced? i don't know. anyway, i guess we're not going to see "american idol" mitt romney vs. barack obama. >> i don't think so. >> we might at the ballot box ultimately, though, stand by. >> you never know. >> it's now 7:11 in new york city. freddie mac, you know that taxpayer owned mortgage giant? it turns out they're hoping you keep struggling to pay your mortgage because it's money in the bank for them. we'll explain. >> and newt gingrich going all out to try to steal mitt romney's lead. >> what a pathetic situation to be running for the president of the united states with nothing positive to say for yourself. >> the o
with the rescue boats. i'm here. i'm not going anywhere. i am here. steve, you take it from here. >> then the coast guard said what are you doing, commander? he said i am here to coordinate the rescue. what are you coordinating there? go on board! my air rescue is on the prowl. go, there are already bodies he says to the captain. how many bodies are there? i don't know. i have heard of one. you are the one who has to tell me how many there are. christ! >> the captain goes on to say, but do you realize it is dark and we can't see anything? the coast guard says and so what? you want to go home? the captain says it's dark and you want to go home, get on that boat using this -- this is the coast guard still. get on -- basically what he's telling him get back to the ship. this is an amazing exchange folks, it goes on and on and on. keep in mind that this captain, i think he was on land at this point in time and he has his officers with him. so now nobody in command of this ship is actually on the ship helping people as they're dying and by the way, 29 people are still missing and una
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